Hi, I’m Teddy! I’m a 19 year old music enthusiast, student, and host of the Undertones podcast. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and music has been around my entire life. From when my father founded and ran a small but successful underground EDM music venue, to listening to my mom’s favorite CD’s in the back of our car, to my highschool years, when music played a key part in helping me cope after the sudden death of my father. Music helped me in a time of need, and now, I want to venture into the music scene with hopes of giving back by giving small and underground artists the spotlight they deserve.

I currently attend the University of Kansas as a student in the graduating class of 2025. At KU, I’m working towards getting my marketing degree as well as a certificate in music enterprise. My post college plans include becoming an A&R and working as an artist manager, and world domination or sum lol laughing crying emoji